No one ever said, "Here Tif, take this life map, follow it and your life will be perfect." That's never happened to any of us, but ironically enough I am grateful for all of my life experiences. The good and the bad. Each experience has helped me to become the woman I am today--wiser, stronger and still willing to take risks.

I will continue to create because that is who I am.  


Studio Space Makeover

There is one thing I know I inherited from my mom's side of the family, and that is the ability to get shit done! My grandma, my mom and I all have this insane obsession to rearrange our furniture no matter how big the task may seem or how late the night may get. This weekend I got a "wild hair up my ass", as my mom would have called it, and totally rearranged, revamped and decluttered the art studio. It was no easy task, but thanks to my almost teenage son we accomplished the unimaginable! We moved the HUGE and HEAVY art island to the opposite side of the room. Now when guests walk into the space they are greeted with a cozy seating area and space for their belongings. Oh yeah, and two studio dogs, Brunson and Princess Leia as well. I still have more to do, but it is totally ready for Melissa's Owl Paint class on Wednesday and monthly classes to begin in 2017. I'll be posting new classes on January 1, 2017! 


Update on the Journey

The Blue Bucket Mobile Boutique and Gallery is coming together. The interior of the trailer is completely paneled and the back feature wall with reused 1950s fencing looks beautiful! 

The reclaimed wood countertop is installed with cabinet space below. 

The wheel wells are staged and ready to be finished soon with a combination of the reclaimed fencing and shipping planks.

Finally, the salvaged Beetle Kill Pine floors should be completely installed today. I put a random pattern stain on the wood pieces with a little splash of color on a few planks just to have an artistic flair to the floor. 

There is still more to be done, but I'm hoping it will be ready to roll about the beginning of November.

Distressed Wood

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect—they are much more interesting.
— Marc Jacobs

Old fence planks.

Well, I think these old fencing planks definitely qualify as odd and imperfect which makes them perfect for me! I found 50 square feet on Craigslist which is probably more than I will need for the trailer project, but I figured I could use any extra for other art projects as well. The planks came from an old fence deep in the heart of the Cherry Creek Denver. The planks are 10" x 1" x 60". 

First thing I knew I needed to do was scrape the loose paint off of the planks. From there I did a quick sanding because I wanted to keep as much of the paint on the planks as I could. The next step was scrubbing the planks with a wire brush and cleaning them off with soap and water. 

After all the planks were prepped and cleaned, I began staining them. I used stain I already had in the garage from a previous project a couple of years ago. I had two dark walnut stains and used both of them randomly.  


H helped me prep the planks. 

Small planks stained. 

Staining planks.



This was a fun, quick afternoon project that took a total of about 4 hours. I hope this inspires you to do something creative too!

Finalizing Project Goals

Tiffany removing seating framing and cushions.

Today Ken, Karen and I met to discuss the design and work we'll be doing on the trailer. I shared my sketches with them through email, but we still needed to meet and make adjustments to my vision so it meshes with the reality of working with a vintage trailer.

Thankfully, our meeting was super successful, and I am beyond excited! Ken and Karen of Vintage Trailers are swamped with work right now, but our goal is to have the total renovation done by August 1st.

A few things we plan on doing are removing the seating area (pictured above) and just making boxes to cover the wheel wells. We'll be removing the closet and upper cabinets so the length of the counter top will change from 61" and go the width of the trailer which is about 80". We'll also remove the upper cabinets on the side walls. 

The back and the front walls are going to have salvaged barn wood installed horizontally. The two side walls and the ceiling are going to be painted white. Below is a pic of the the wood I found for the front wall above the counter. This distressed wood will be located from the counter height up to the base of where the upper cabinets are currently. We'll be adding a shelf at the point where the ceiling curves into the wall behind the cabinet doors. I love the blue grey distressed wood! 

Distressed wood for walls.

The seating area is going to be removed and redesigned.

Current kitchen to be removed and redesigned.

Upper cabinets and closet wall to be removed and redesigned.

While I was there today, I pulled up the nasty stick and peel flooring to expose the sub floor which is just plywood. My plan is to find a salvaged wood tongue and groove type of flooring. I'll let you know how the search goes and keep you posted with the progress of the transformation.

Recent Classes

The summer art classes have been so much fun for all of us. I have enjoyed working with a small group of people from seven years old to adult on a weekly basis. I wasn't sure I would be able to do it. Fear sometimes does that to us, it makes us doubt what we are truly capable of doing. In one of our classes we created affirmation collages. My affirmation was, "I choose to be generous with my time, talents, and love." I feel like I've been living this way and it feels amazing! I love sharing art with others.


Creating our affirmation collages.

Creating our affirmation collages.




Creating Outside of the Classroom

For those of you who know a little bit about me, I am a third grade teacher and for the last month and a half  I have been busily preparing and launching the new school year. Every year I LOVE to create a yearlong class theme and this year is no different.  Our class theme is Bloom Where You Are Planted. We are off to a great start and I am ready to share some of these creative juices at Blue Bucket Art Studio again.

Kids make the BEST self-portraits.

Kids make the BEST self-portraits.

During the summer months, I fortunately had the time to devote at least one day per week to teaching classes at Blue Bucket Art Studio. The classes were made up of students from the age of eight up to adults. We created mixed media collages, pen and pastels landscapes, acrylic paintings, and tape resit paintings. It was a great experience for me as a teacher and the students told me they really enjoyed the classes.

My goal this fall is to provide the time, place, materials, and instruction for individuals to explore his or her creative spirit and find his or her artistic voice through various mediums. 

Summer Classes

Blue Bucket summer classes have begun! Once a week I am teaching classes for kids ages 8 and up. Our first week we did tape resist whales, second week patterns, pastels, paintings of landscapes, and this upcoming week will be an affirmation collage. I am so excited to be combining my love for teaching with my passion for art. It is so much fun to see the kids creating and smiling with their pieces.

Tape resist with watersoluble wax pastels

Tape resist with watersoluble wax pastels

Patterns, pastels, and paints!